Big Takeover the big daddy of all underground music zines, put out twice a year by Jack Rabid in New York, site of the great Chicago photog Marie Kanger-Born

Cool BeansSan Francisco based magazine put out by Matt Kelly

The Last history of The Last and Joe Nolte’s 1979 journals of LA punk

Dead Milkmen, website of the Dead Milkmen, source for Dean Clean’s 1985-86 tour diaries

Dementlieu Punk Archive incredible online archive of zine material and interviews by James “Obik” Sinks,  

    concentrating mainly on 1979-85, with emphasis on Washington, DC, and Chicago

Ear Pollution, online music journal from 1998-2004, presently on indefinite hiatus

Forced Exposure dominant East Coast underground magazine of the 1980’s, based out of Boston and run by  

     Jim Johnson, now a modern mail order, but with many back issues still available

Idle Time Archive, home of the work of 80's Austin photog and zine writer Dixon Coulbourn, the lad who was

     responsible for the title of the Big Boys album Lullabies Help the Brain Grow

Maximum Rock and Roll, magazine started by the late Tim Yohannon and Jeff Bale

Razorcake, excellent modern punk zine run by former Flipside writers Todd Taylor and Sean Carswell

Re/Search Publicationsthe company V Vale founded to release provocative underground books after 

     Search and Destroy, including the collected issues of Search and Destroy, Vol.1-6, and Vol.7-11

Slit , Howie Salmon's zine documenting the '80-'81 Tucson, AZ scene, now compiled into a book

Spontaneous Combustion,, a record label, blog, and punk vinyl treasure trove of information

     run by Mike Vinikour

Sound on Sound,, the phenomenal Big Boys website run by Scott Pellet

What a Way to Die, site of New York photographer Justina Davies, lots of cool early 80's NYHC photos

Zeno Recordswebsite of the Wipers and Greg Sage’s record company